At Toyota all our models deliver low cost of ownership whilst our 7 petrol full hybrid models deliver exceptionally low emissions and tax.

Toyota Models

CO2 - from 119g/km*
to 114g/km*
BIK - From 26%
P11D - From £12,715
New Yaris
CO2 - from 98g/km*
to 92g/km*
BIK - From 22%
P11D - From £19,730
Corolla Hatchback
CO2 - from 120g/km*
to 101g/km*
BIK - From 24%
P11D - From £24,280
Corolla Touring Sports
CO2 - from 121g/km*
to 103g/km*
BIK - From 24%
P11D - From £25,550
Corolla Saloon
CO2 - from 111g/km*
to 102g/km*
BIK - From 24%
P11D - From £23,985
CO2 - from 125g/km*
to 120g/km*
BIK - From 28%
P11D - From £32,035
Toyota C-HR
CO2 - from 120g/km*
to 110g/km*
BIK - From 26%
P11D - From £26,685
CO2 - from 133g/km*
to 126g/km*
BIK - From 29%
P11D - From £30,870
GR Supra
CO2 - from 188g/km*
to 167g/km*
BIK - From 37%
P11D - From £45,400
CO2 - from 109g/km*
to 94g/km*
BIK - From 22%
P11D - From £24,695
Prius Plug-in
CO2 - from 28g/km*
BIK - From 11%
P11D - From £32,590
Land Cruiser
CO2 - from 251g/km*
to 239g/km*
BIK - From 37%
P11D - From £40,440
Land Cruiser Commercial
CO2 - from 258g/km*
to 240g/km*
BIK - From N/A%
P11D - From £34,879
CO2 - from 263g/km*
to 224g/km*
P11D - From £26,974
CO2 - from 193g/km*
to 169g/km*
BIK - From 37%
P11D - From £31,305
CO2 - from 199g/km*
to 166g/km*
BIK - From N/A%
P11D - From £27,529
New PROACE Electric
P11D - From £35,545.00
CO2 - from 149g/km*
to 144g/km*
BIK - From N/A%
P11D - From £21,454


  • Value for your business

    Low cost of ownership with reliable engines and parts, high residual values, low maintenance costs and Toyota Safety Sense to avoid repairs

  • Toyota quality

    World-renowned Toyota quality, reliability and peace of mind

  • A range of vehicles to suit you

    An extensive range of Toyota models from superminis to light commercial vehicles, powered by efficient and clean hybrid, petrol and diesel engines

  • Dedicated Business Centre Network

    Complete with Business Customer Charter for peace of mind with capped service prices

  • Enhanced Capital Allowance

    Businesses can claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance which allow a company to set the whole cost of the asset against its taxable profits in the first year following purchase

  • Ultra Low Emission Discount

    Most plug-in hybrids already qualify for the full 100% Ultra Low Emission Discount scheme

  • Our Hybrid range

    The global leader in low-emission hybrid models, from hatchbacks to compact SUVs

  • Low total cost of ownership

    Low total cost of ownership and 100% write down allowance on many models for outstanding company tax benefits and driver BIK

  • Benefit in kind

    Value for your business, Toyota Quality and our Hybrid Range together provide all you need to optimise your benefit in kind

  • Leasing solutions

    Leasing solutions that include all servicing, maintenance and insurance in one convenient monthly payment

Benefit in Kind (BiK)

The Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax charge applies to any employee who receives a company car, or any other benefit, which is for private use as part of their salary package.

Low CO2 emissions are crucial to reducing BiK tax liability. View Toyota's hybrid range here for very low CO2 emissions.


The P11D form outlines the cash equivalent value of all the benefits and expenses that have been supplied to employees during the tax year and has to be completed by employers.

One of the main benefits that must be included is any Company Car that is also available for private use, including travel to and from a permanent place of work. This is important whether you’re a Fleet Manager or a Company Car Driver.

*Figures are provided for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results. All vehicles are certified according to the World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). CO2 figures (and hence car tax and recommended 'on the road' prices) may differ from information printed before 1 April 2020, due to a change in the official method of calculation. Please visit the Vehicle Certification Agency website for the latest information. Choice of options and accessories fitted (pre-registration) may affect the official CO2 figures, car tax and 'on the road' price. Find out more about WLTP or contact us.